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Annika Kompart

Annika Kompart is a recent graduate of the first MfA in Performing Arts at The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen; including masterclasses by Falk Richter, Runar Hodne and others.

She works as a professional and international dance artist, choreographer and teacher. She recently won the semi final of MArte Live Europe with her solo dance piece Speech(less) and was assistant choreographer to a new production for Tanztheater Wuppertal by Rainer Behr. Annika was born in Germany, DE but has been based in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2015. Her artistic work focuses on the diversity and possibilities which lie in dance; by collaborating cross-disciplinary to create durational works, staging experimental explorations, site specific performances and reinterpreting traditions. She uses different chorographical methods and improvisational tools as inspiration and guidance for the dance. She received arts council funding in the UK as well as from the Danish National Fund to produce and present her work. As a dancer and performer she works with Tanz-Station Barmer Bahnhof and company merighyImercy, Lola and Yukao meet, Gintersdorfer/Klaßen, Oriantheatre, Sister's Hope, Reckless Sleepers, Glimt Danseteater, Gazart Danseteater and others. Annika graduated with a first honoured BPA degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK in 2014. Her previous degree at the Erika Klütz School Hamburg, Germany has qualified her as a teacher in dance and education and she has been employed as a regular guest teacher and choreographer to the students there since 2011.