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Visit Kintai

Situated in the picturesque rural environment on the coast of the Curonian Lagoon near the peninsula of Curonian Spit and Vente Cape, Kintai Arts offers accommodation and various excursions. Those in search of active leisure in wilderness are invited to venture into birdwatching with certified nature guide Boris Belchev, a boat trip in the Curonian Lagoon or kitesurfing in Kintai Kites Club. Kintai Arts partners, Vydūnas Cultural Centre and Hugo Scheu museum in Šilutė offer visitors to discover Kintai town’s history as well as traditional crafts and its cultural and architectural heritage.

"Cultural Barn" project is funded by EEA Grants.

Excursions in Kintai

- Pomeranian "safari" - birdwatching with nature guide Boris Belchev
- Boat trip in Curonian Lagoon

Stay in Kintai Arts residency

Accommodation in the residency building

Other activities in Kintai


Registration on or by phone +370 686 34006

Pomeranian "safari" - birdwatching

Grupėms nuo 4 žmonių.
Kaina žmogui – 30 eur už 3 val. trukmės ekskursiją; 55 eur už 5-6 val. trukmės ekskursiją;