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Pomeranian "safari" - birdwatching

Grupėms nuo 4 žmonių. Kaina žmogui - 30 eur už 3 val. trukmės ekskursiją; 55 eur už 5-6 val. trukmės ekskursiją;

From spring season on, Kintai Arts invites visitors to explore Kintai and its surroundings and to discover an unimaginably rich land, where the tides, the sky and the Curonian Lagoon’s and the Nemunas deltas enchant you with their diversity, uniqueness and exceptional cultural and natural heritage.

A certified nature guide Boris Belchev will introduce safari participants with local birds and wildlife. After this experience, you will be able to identify different birds not only by their appearance but also by their songs. During the expedidion, you will visit the best birdwatching sites in the Nemunas Delta and Kintai surroundings, where you will discover as many bird species as possible, of which there are as many as 320 in Kintai region. The participants will be provided with all the necessary equipment for the birdwatching.

Practical information:

- Užsiėmimai organizuojami susidarius 4 asmenų grupei.
- Edukacijos trukmė: 3 val arba 5 val.
- Edukacijos kaina asmeniui: 30 eur už 3 val. trukmės edukaciją; 55eur už 5 arba 6 val. trukmės edukaciją.
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