Kintai Arts is a non-profit organization active in the fields of arts, residencies, crafts and education, based in Kintai since 2009.

Kintai Arts

Art residency. Cultural Barn - Crafts center. A place for active leisure

The main Kintai Arts’ mission is to actualize, develop and explore the unique tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage of the Pomeranian region and to foster creativity, reflection and exchange of ideas in the spheres of contemporary art and contemporary music.

As an international art residencyKintai Arts aims to develop interdisciplinary artistic practice and the exchange of knowledge and ideas in the fields of art and science, nature and ecology, historical and cultural in situ heritage as well as social activism reflecting on relevant political and sociocultural issues.

As a Crafts center, Kintai Arts organises education programs and workshops that foster the unique traditions and cultural heritage of the region.

Kintai Arts offers accommodation in the residency and various excursions in the region. 




Artist-in-residency programmes for multidisciplinary arts, research and exchange of ideas

Crafts center

Craft Center - workshops, educational programmes and events about the historical, cultural heritage and traditional crafts of the Pomeranian region.

Crafts center offers to get acquainted with traditional local crafts, such as ancient shipbuilding, traditional weathervanes and pottery. In each workshop, the participants will be able to gain unique knowledge and hands-on experience, supervised by professional craftsmen.

In parallel with Crafts Center, Kintai Arts invites to visit online market "Kultūros Skūnė"where you can acquire local handicrafts, artworks as well as to take part in cultural entrepreneurship trainings and various educational programmes

"Cultural Barn" project is funded by EEA Grants.