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About us

The main Kintai Arts’ mission is to actualize, develop and explore the unique tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage of the Pomeranian region and to foster creativity, reflection and exchange of ideas in the spheres of contemporary art and contemporary music.

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How to reach?

From Klaipeda (40 km)

Kelionė autobusu iš Klaipėdos autobusų stoties, kryptis: Kintai per Priekulę. Autobusas, deja, ne visada kursuoja. Kviečiame atvykimą suderinti su mumis individualiai, galime atvykti pasiimti.

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From Vilnius (340 km)

1/ From Vilnius International Airport to Railway Station and Bus Station

By public transport (bus):
88 – Oro uostas – Centras – Europos aikštė
1 – Oro uostas – Vikingų g. – Stotis
2 – Oro uostas – Vikingų – Liepkalnio g. – Stotis

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By train:
Next to the airport passenger terminal, there is a railway stop, stairs and an elevator for passengers as well as lighting and passenger safety surveillance camera. There is a footway leading from the railway stop to the airport terminal for passengers; the footway has an installed gallery (it is illuminated during the dark time of the day).

Bilietų galima įsigyti traukinyje, internetu ir Vilniaus geležinkelio stoties kasose.

2/ From Vilnius to Klaipėda:

By bus departing from Vilnius Bus Station
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By train from Vilnius Railway Station
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From Kaunas (240 km)

By bus departing from Kaunas Bus Station
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By train from Kaunas Railway Station
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Kintai Arts istorija

The public institution “Kintai Arts” was re-organized from the personal company “Brige” of Audra Juodeskiene, which started its activities in 1992.

The impetus for reorganization was evoked by the activity started in 2009 during the implementation of the project “Establishment of the Centre of Sports, Crafts and Active Leisure in Kintai Town” together with the founder’s son Laurynas Juodeska, whose idea to harness the wind in the Curonian Lagoon has evolved into the Kintai Kites Club, and a touch of the ethnographic history has become the creation and production of whether vanes recognized by heritage conservationists. The strength of Audra Juodeskienė, as the founder of the public institution “Kintai Arts”, bases on the extensive organizational experience in the field of international organizations, the love to her land and partiality to art and music.

The activities started from close cooperation with the Kintai Vydunas Cultural Centre, inviting Kintai residents to the performances ofthe Barn Theatre in the Old Kiminiai Homestead. This included “Lithuanian’ wedding”, the tours of barn theatres from Rusne, Sakiai, Aglonenai. Together with the community of the town, we celebrated calendar and religious holidays – Advent concerts, Autumn Equinox, Harvest Festivals held in both the Old Kiminiai Homestead and the Evangelic Lutheran Churches. In close cooperation with the Lutheran-Evangelical community and the Kintai Vydunas Cultural Centre and after the communication with NIKO (New Ideas Chamber Orchestra) and its leader composer Gediminas Gelgotas, an idea emerged to turn the Kintai Music Week of 2012 to the Kintai Music Festival “A Storm in the Lagoon”, who has successfully existedalready for the fourth season. The festival has grown thanks to the people surrounding it. The gift received in 2013 – a grand piano, personally granted to the Festival by the physician Dalia Peciukaitiene and her family from Vilnius – obliged not to give up organizing so desirable festival of professional music in the region, situated very distantly from the centre. Last year the festival became international and was recognized by the Administration of Silute District as an event representing the district and as a strategic cultural event.

Kintai Arts team

Audra Juodeškienė

The director

Ugnė Vyliaudaitė

Coordination and curation


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