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Akvilė Gelažiūtė

Akvilė Gelažiūtė (1990) – fiction and documentary film director and doctoral student of Film Directing at Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (LMTA). Her feature documentary “Deminas: The Two Towers” (2015) won as The Best Student Movie of the year at Lithuanian national film awards “Silver Crane”. Currently working as a lecturer of Media production in VilniusTech University and doing artistic research on the topic “Absurd Humor Strategies in Cinema” (LMTA).

Both, fiction and documentary films are characterised by a certain lightness of touch - the characters she chooses to develop are often recognisable, familiar, people from daily life whose experiences are not marked by any particular "social exoticism". Using humor, her narratives focus on human relationships, people's inability to communicate their feelings, questions related to women's standpoint and socially accepted but questionable practices.


  • „2,2 atmosferos“ (premiere planned for 2022), short movie, fiction
  • “Neregėta Europa” (2019), feature film, documentary
  • “Bufetas” (2019), short movie, fiction
  • “Deminas: dvi tvirtovės” (2015), feature film, documentary
  • “Marijos nebuvo” (2014), short movie, fiction
  • “Geriausias skyriuj” (2012), short movie, fiction