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Anushka Chkheidze

Anushka Chkheidze is up and rising Georgian electronic music producer. She has spent her childhood years in Kharagauli where she went to music school and sang folk songs in the youth ensemble. She was also part of a “Street Dance Group”. At the age of 11, Anushka started chanting at a small chapel in the village. She describes the time spent there as magical and she thinks that her music is deeply influenced by those childhood years. Despite her very young age of 22, her music is very well though and intelligent. Her work includes music for film and theater. Anushka is one of the participants of “Sleepers Poets Scientists”. “Halfie” is her debut album where she feels her new, completely different side is born. The Second album “Move 20-21” is a mind journey through space and time without physical activity. Anushka Chkheidze wrote a piece for Gori women’s choir, which was her childhood dream. It will be presented at The Close Encounters Festival.