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Cultural Barn placemaking workshops

We invite everyone to take part in the "Cultural Barn" entrepreneurship programme! This is a free ten-lecture training series for craftspeople, entrepreneurs, local residents and anyone interested in local cultural entrepreneurship, local culture and its application in tourism, and other sustainable and sustainable entrepreneurship practices.

Classes will be led by qualified lecturers.


The first session will take place on Saturday 18 November at 11.00 am at: Tradicijų g. 4 Traksėdžiai, Šilutės raj., 99105.

The sessions will take place twice a month. Once in person and once virtually.
When you register for the training, you are automatically enrolled in a cycle of 10 trainings.

and registration: +370 686 34 006 or by email:


What is creative placemaking?

Creative placemaking is the process by which partners from the public, private and non-governmental sectors use the arts and cultural activities to shape the fiscal and social identity of a neighbourhood, city or region.

This creates quality places that leave a strong and unique feeling. They are active, people-friendly, safe, multifunctional, fun, aesthetically pleasing, intertwined with arts and creative activities. Creative placemaking based transformations respond to the local historical, social and cultural context and involve a wide range of stakeholders in the creative process: the local community, developers, municipalities, businesses and organisations, bringing everyone together for a common goal.

The "Cultural Barn" training on placemaking is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with contemporary strategies for the development of local identity and their application in your professional and creative activities!

The project is financed by EEA Grants