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Art Observatory, a new attraction point in Kintai!

The latest update from 'Cultural Barn' project, a freshly built 'Art observatory' on the Kintai coast of Curonian Lagoon!

The "Culture Barn" project, funded by the EEA (European Economic Area) and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, demonstrates the Kintai community's focus and desire to nurture its territory through the sustainable use of natural resources and to attract tourists who appreciates the value of culture and nature.

The activities of the project are implemented by Kintai Arts and consistently managed by its director Audra Juodeškienė. It covers a wide range of fields, including the transformation of the old Lutheran community barn to the space for artistic workshops, entrepreneurship and craft training for the community and project partners as well as the creation of a community development strategy, and, of course, the use of the natural and cultural heritage for the promotion of local entrepreneurship.


The most recent example of the fields mentioned above is the construction of Art Observatory. It will serve the project's further objectives by fostering artistic research while observing nature, inviting schoolchildren to ornithological excursions and biology lessons, other ornithologists to observe the autumn bird migration, and the town's inhabitants and visitors to enjoy the outdoors and even to organise a picnic there.

Even after the project is over, the residing artists will give educational workshops to the local community and visitors, and the Art Observatory will also be used as a external space for Kintai Arts Residency, bringing nature closer to culture, enabling nature-sensitive artistic interventions and nature-inspired artworks around the site. 

Many thanks to all those that contributed: architects Tormod Amundsen and Sune Steen Larsen from Biotope, nature guide Boris Belchev as well as to craftsmen Vytautas and Romas Valiukevičiai for building the structure. Tormod Amundsen ir Sune Steen Larsen iš Norvegijos, gamtininkui Boris Belchev bei statybų dalyviams, amatininkams Vytautui ir Romui Valiukevičiams.


The project "Cultural Barn" is implemented by Kintai Arts.


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