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Open call Can You Hear Me? We’ll meet again

Všį Kintai Arts is pleased to organize an art-in-residence program for multidisciplinary artists, researchers, thinkers. We invite you to participate in the program both physically and virtually. The main subject of the research of the program is the change in the field of art and the reaction of its participants to the circumstances of the pandemic that led to the physical separation.

When cultural institutions became inaccessible, the art deficit is felt by both the ordinary art users and the artist community. Restricted movement inhibits experiencing the ongoing art processes, even visiting colleagues, live discussions, drafting projects. The field of art is becoming particularly virtual, and at the same time foretells a possible revolution of art in general. Isolated artists are beginning to develop their new personal creative practices, often broadcasting these processes live on the Internet. Globally, a huge step has been taken in the field of technology, which fast forwards us into the future.

So what's behind that door? While more and more indicators show that it (the pandemic) will finally end. But what is the world that irreversibly changed while we were staying at home? The goal of the residency program is to explore these changes by formulating a kind of response in the form of a virtual exhibition. Can You Hear Me? That’s one of those typical phrases that (in fact) * are now heard less and less often in virtual conferences or calls. The phrase is used when the person who asks wants to point out that they have (or want) something to say. In this vein, we invite you to discuss art and everyday life, combining fragments of it into a virtual gallery. Meanwhile, the exhibition spaces of the residence itself will be prepared for the webcasting of works and the documentation of these processes. In this way, we open the window for one month for those who want to hear what is going on behind the closed doors, and what to expect when we meet again **.

We invite resident artists to use the exhibition spaces for documentation of works, to share the processes of their creative practices, to create virtual diaries, to discuss, to participate in additional activities offered. We invite participants of the residence to share their works, reactions, processes, texts in the virtual gallery, join the discussions in virtual conferences, and present your own and learn about other participants' work in more detail.

* Also, a sign of technological progress
** Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again. 

Deadline has passed

Conditions and requirements

How to apply:

To present in a single pdf. file:

- CV
- Portfolio
- Motivational letter, presenting the relevance of the theme for applicant‘s practice and applicants motivation to participate in the residency programme.
- Specific needs for work and accommodation

Work and accommodation conditions:

Residency offers private studios and rooms for 1-4 people equipped with individual bathrooms and kitchinettes as well as the common spaces with shared kitchen, office and meeting rooms.

The residency provides 2 personal and 1 shared studio space for work with a possibility to work on bigger scale sculptural, painting or other projects in the workspaces outside the residency building. Considering your needs, we can book various places for rehearsals and work: big shared-space studio (~60 m 2 ), three smaller rooms for working (20-35 m 2 ), space for exhibition (~110 m 2 ), hall with stage, lighting, and sound system with some of the musical instruments (~450 m 2 ), barn for dancing, performances, and rehearsals (~200 m 2 ), another barn for works with wood, smaller architecture, sculptures, painting, and installations (300 m 2 ). We are also offering you an opportunity to use the gym, basketball, and volleyball playgrounds. We have shared-space Lutheran Church buildings for rehearsals and concerts. In Kintai, you can find other options: a lot of big walls in public spaces, fields, a forest and, of course, Curonian Lagoon (Kuršių marios), where you can participate in active sports as much as in peaceful leisure, also, in Ventė Cape (Ventės ragas) you can find a place for the monitoring of migratory birds – all of them are perfectly suitable for your creative ideas.

You can also use bikes (20 units) for your trips around the town.
There is a possibility to loan a PA system for sound and musical events.


Studio and living space rent, including all taxes, use of equipment and communal spaces:

- Single studio – 20 eu/night
- Double room - 25 eu/night for 1 person, - 14eu/night per person if 2 persons reside
- Triple room - 40 eu/night

Depending on the length of the stay during the residency programme for individual projects, the accommodation costs can be reevaluated in each specific case. 


Depending on subsidiary institutions supporting Kintai Arts, the residency can provide grants for selected applicants. Upon the acceptance of the application, the residency issues acceptance letters valid for individual grant applications.

To know more about the grands, please visit Open Call section. 


The applications are assessed by Kintai Arts Board (members: Martynas Pekarskas, Ugnė Vyliaudaitė, Eglė Mykolaitytė-Vaičiūlienė, Adomas Narkevičius, Vykintas Baltakas, Marta Finkelstein). Selected applicants are informed by email.

How to reach the residency?

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