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Gailė Garnelytė

Gailė Garnelytė was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. During 2006-2010 she studied literature at Vilnius University, and in 2009-2013 she studied screenwriting at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater where she got a bachelor’s degree. 

Since 2009, she has been actively working in the field of screenwriting, writing for different shorts (“Experman”, dir. R. Marcinkus, “Jackie”, dir. G. Tamoševičius, “Dear Theresa”, dir. I. Šakalytė). She was also writer and co-writer of various TV programs and worked as a screenwriter and script supervisor for Lithuanian documentary films (“The Nest”, dir. R. Matačius, “Fierce Gods”, dir. V. Oškinis, “Final Destination”, dir. R. Marcinkus). Gailė Garnelytė is currently directing her first short documentary film “The Robot and The Butterfly”.

Gaile appreciates the Kintai Arts residency lot, especially its unique atmosphere, where nature and very beautiful human relationships intertwine. With the KURK creativity center she founded, Gailė has been running scriptwriting workshops at the residency for the past three years, and together with her team she made a TV documentary "My Place" about the activities of the Kintai Art Residence. You can watch the programme here: