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Ceramic workshops in Kintai!

After the holidays, join us for some creative time in ceramic workshop!

Starting on 14 January, we will start an eight-part workshop cycle. Here you will be able to create unique accessories, utensils and decorations for your home interior. 
Sculptor - ceramist Justina Vitkutė will help you to make your dream mouldings come true. We will start the course with an introduction to the character properties of clay. We will explore it in the plane and form three-dimensional bodies. And the fun part - you will see how the magic of glaze works. 
Time and place:
Kintai Arts residency, Crafts Center, Kuršių g. 30, Kintai
Saturday, 11:00 - 15:00 
Price per person:
FREE OF CHARGE! All materials and equipment are provided locally. At the end of the course, the pieces travel with you. 
Limited paces. In the registration email please mention:
- Name; 
- Email address;
- What would you like to work on (optional);
 Registration is open until the 7th January 2023. For any question - contact us by email.
Let's relax and immerse ourselves in clay baths!
The Craft Centre is funded by an Interreg project.