Cultural Barn Market

The online market "Cultural Barn" invites you to buy local handicrafts, artworks as well as to take part in cultural entrepreneurship trainings and various educational programmes

Kintai Arts / Cultural Barn Market

Sveiki atvykę į "Kultūros skūnės virtualų turgelį! 

We invite you to discover creators and artisans living in the Pomeranian region! From the unique for Pomeranian weathervane production workshops, educational programs about traditional fishing in the Curonian Lagoon to exclusive ceramics, jewellery and culinary specialties of the region, the "Cultural Barn" market is a place to explore the diversity of creativity and traditions in the region and support it by purchasing products directly from the creators. 

"Cultural Barn" market aims to support and promote creativity, unique traditions and crafts in the Pomeranian region, and to ensure their dissemination in Lithuania and beyond!

The "Cultural Barn" market is a new and expanding initiative that actively seeks artisans, creators and artists living in the Pomeranian region and its surroundings. If you are an artist or an artisan living in the region and you would like to join the market, please get in touch with us by email:

"Cultural Barn" project is funded by EEA Grants.