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Historical Curonian boat building workshop

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Where does shipbuilding begin? How do I join the planks to keep the water out? Why do we have to drill holes in the hull of a newly built ship? How do I bend the planks for the side of the ship? These are just a few of the questions that come up when building a traditional Curonian sailing boat.

During the programme, including lecture and a practical workshop, participants will learn about the ancient fisherman culture of the Curonian Lagoon, the detailed process of building a boat, and will also try out the tools used to build a boat. After listening to the lectures on traditional wooden boatbuilding techniques and trying out the boat building itself, participants will get familiar with the boat sailing methods as well as the ethnocultural stories and proverbs about fishing in the Curonian lagoon.

Practical information:

- Workshop is organised for groups of minimum 4 participants
- Duration: 4 hours
- Price per person: 20 eu, materials and tools included.
- Workshops take place in Kintai Crafts Center, Kuršių g. 30, Kintai
- Registration

Information regarding workshops for school-age childen

- While using non-formal education principles, the workshop aims to teach about the fishing culture, ethnographic heritage, boatbuilding and navigation techniques in the Curonian Lagoon.
- The programme is designed to develop a number of key skills: a learning process, communication and cognitive competences.

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